Our Services

Audio & Video Productions

With our ready to work team of professionals, TGz Africa gives the best in quality and prices in music and video production.  In today’s music industry, there is a set quality standards across the board. Listeners & viewers, labels, and other forms of artist support, look for musicals and videos that provide a similar quality sound and visuals to those that are making millions.

Blog Promotions

With our stands in the Christian Media Association of Nigeria, Our relationship with Christian blogs in Nigeria and beyond will keep you in the spotlight

Social Media & Digital Promotions

We have got a social media package perfect for you. Your social campaign will be delivered by a team of dedicated in-house experts, From brainstorming sessions to idea implementations. We send real traffic to your videos that will result in real views. from real users. Our views will show up from google, facebook,  twitter, instagram etc.

We look forward to doing great things with you
anywhere in the world.


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