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Music: God At Work (He Never Sleeps) – DSmart


Gospel Music God At Work By Dsmart

The CEO of HOLY HOMY RecordsDarlington Smart, who is also known for the Gospel unusual revolutionary movement is out with yet another hit single after the success of 2 of his foremost Gospel singles, “Izurukeme” which features Samsong and Kenny Kore. The second single, “Ekwueme”, which became one of the most sought after and most streamed Gospel song.

Here is Darlington Smart new single titled God at Work (He Never Sleeps) produced by @dsmartofficial. The song is a worship song which will get you worshiping in God’s presence.

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Connect with Dsmart:

Twitter| Instagram@dsmartofficial


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#TrueGist: Dennis Yancey – IGARA New Artist


Available for interviews.
Manager: Dennis Yancey
(646) 484-0430

Download “Never Give Up On You” MP3


Dennis Yancey

Dennis Yancey Biography Dennis Yancey is a new gospel artist out of South Jamaica Queens New York who’s music is inspirational and heartfelt, and in the words of record executive Merlin Bobb “Dennis Yancey music is absolutely amazing”. Dennis is currently working on his debuted project, which he plans to be released by the summer of 2017 entitled Blueprint. Dennis along with platinum producer Suga Mike Allen and up and coming producer Levi “AJ” Andrews are working together on the project to create music that will touch the heart, mind and souls of all people. Dennis P. Yancey Jr was born August 10, 1977.

He was raised in church and come from a musically gifted family of singers and musicians with a predominately gospel background. He began directing the church choir from the remarkable age of 4 years old. Though always having the ability to sing, he chose to just direct and stay in the background until it was constantly told to him by his now producer Suga Mike Allen that he has more of a purpose than just directing and that the world needed to hear his voice. After a few years of debates with Suga Mike he decided to accept the assignment and step out in the forefront and began his journey of ministry in song.

Throughout Dennis Yancey life, he has been inspired by artists such as John P. Kee, Hezekiah Walker, Marvin Winans and today’s new artists Jason Nelson and Tasha Cobbs, but his main inspiration is his Aunt Elder/Minister of Music Linda Ann Hampton which has always been his mentor. Blueprint is Dennis Yancey’s first and in his words “If it be God’s will” many more projects to come.




The organizers of the Pizarea Gentlemenradio Top 10 Chart have finally launched the date for their maiden edition of the Pizarea Gentlemenradio Round Table. This show is about the top winners of the Pizarea Gentlemenradio Top 10 Chart.
Pizarea Gentlemenradio Round Table event is a hangout event for artists who have consistent and also those who have won the Pizarea Gentlemenradio Top 10 Chart on the Hangout with Mixtic Show.
This maiden edition of the Pizarea Gentlemenradio Round Table consists of five talented artists selected from the lots. Below is a list of the five selected artists.
  1. Jessy
  2. kenny N
  3. Ntekyere
  4. Joash
  5. Bobby Jr

The above mentioned names are due to participate in the maiden edition of the Pizarea Gentlemenradio Round Table.

This maiden edition of the Pizarea Gentlemenradio Round Table Hangout is strictly by invitation. The five selected artists and their respective representatives only.
The organizers of this Hangout show are humbly honored to inform you about this event.

Music: Oghene Igbunu – Efe Praise

Gospel Music Oghene igbunu By Efe Praise
Oghene igbunu which mean greatest God is a song proclaiming Gods greatness and his awesomeness.
Deaconess Efe praise, popularly known as mama ARISE & PRAY CRS was born in the early 70s, she is a born singer and addicted to the work of God and a motivational speaker with three released Album,she is the coordinator of Prayerful women forum(PWF).
she studied   Business Administration from the University of Calabar, Nigeria and married with children.
Efe praise is from Isoko south of delta state Nigeria. Her music ministry is a statement of encouragement and message of hope
,she is gifted in prophetic music and a voice in the gospel music
scene and has  been on various stages and platform to minister across Nigeria.expect  to see more of her singles.


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The lyrics below….
Igbunu weh oghene Igbunu,,ovie ivie igbunu,igbunu ohh igbunu
Interpretation of Chorus
Greatest God, you are the great and mighty God 2x
mighty God ooh mighty God,
verse 1, Ancient of days,as old as you are,you will never
change,that’s why i call u mighty God  mighty God,Ancient of days,
mighty warrior that’s your name,noboby fit be like u…mighty God!
Mighty God!! Mighty God!!! King of kings
Chorus repeats
Verse2, your are mighty ,mighty God, my greatest God ,you are a mighty
God,the king of kings,mighty God ooh,the greatest God, your are  the
mighty God.
(Chorus repeats)
Verse3,God that speak through the water,God of all gods, mighty man
,mighty God ooh ,i say mighty God ooh.
Chorus repeats

Video Snippet: Preye Odede – I Am Real


Video Snippet: Preye Odede – I Am Real #IAMREAL

After the release of No Other God, Gospel music minister Preye Odede is preparing for the release of his new song and video titled I Am Real. To whet your appetite, check out the snippet video for #IAmReal.

I Am Real is a song that means a lot to him as it contain some of the words God spoke to him when he was facing some challenges. Those days when the future looked so bleak that it seemed like a mirage.


About Preye Odede

 Oyenkepreye Odede is the third child of his parents. Preye grew up in Port Harcourt Township Area of Rivers State,Nigeria. As a young lad he was part of an All-Male acappela singing group “Born to Praise” and was also a member of the Universal Love Choir of the Assemblies of GOD Church Woji. He is a graduate of Microbiology. Preye would also distinguish himself as a soloist with the Casor Reconciliation Choir (CRC) in Abia State University.

Preye was inspired to write the song Ebezina as a result of turbulent times his family faced with accommodationchallenges for 9yrs leading to their eventual ejection from a make-shift “batcher” home. But, even when it seemed all was lost, Preye didn’t loose his praise and a song borne out of a grieving situation which became the catalyst for a life transforming testimony.

Most recently whilst his elder sister went through a surgical operation which complications almost took her life, confused and distraught, Preye sought help from friends and colleagues at large, relying mainly on external prayer support but once again, GOD laid in his heart a New Song “I Am Real” don’t take your eyes off me. And while he worshiped, GOD proved himself real and today his sister is hale and hearty!!!

Anticipate the release of #IAMREAL


Connect with Preye:

Twitter: @PreyeOdede
Instagram: @Predeodede
Website: www.preyeodede.com


Music: Audience of One – Tomisings


Gospel Music Audience of One By Tomisings


The Song “AUDIENCE OF ONE” By Tomisings, prolific song writer, uncommon worshipper and untiring praise leader, produced by one of Africa’s best producers, Wilson Joel.

A song ministered to the Servant of God, Tomisings, by the Holy Spirit, sending the very message of a unique character of God, which is being the only one that listens to us whenever we call and responds with instant peace and Joy in the Holy Ghost.

This simple yet powerful song brings our spirits, then our minds to focusing on God alone when going through trails and tribulations and even more when all things are good.. For they will all pass away, but the AUDIENCE OF ONE is, has been and will always be. Than having an audience of minds we have an audience of a Great and Awesome God.

This Spiritual song is one that you wouldn’t want to stop listening to and meditating on in honour of God bringing you to a wonderful relationship with Him… We encourage that the song is on repeat ?, there’s power in repetition.

Hit the download button and experience more than the words testifying about the Audience of One.

Download Now

Music: Nje Oti Gbo – Damola Dipo Ft A’dam


Gospel Music Nje Oti Gbo By Damola Dipo Ft A’dam

The song Nje o ti Gbo feat the vibrant spaghetti Record Label First son  Adam,together they made a very commendable song that’s obviously a plus to the kingdom of God.
The song is just talking about the power in the name of Jesus,that at the name of Jesus every kneel must bow.

Download Audio


About Damola Dipo
Oyindamola Oladipo known as damola dipo is a gospel singer and song writer,wife and mother.
Her spiritual and secular modus operandi has made her the toast of every one in the music industry especially among her sophisticated friends and great facilitators.

She has successfully organized many concerts and social corporate events. Music is more of a calling and a gift,she uses to share and spread the gospel of Christ.


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5 Gospel Songs To Consider On Your Playlist

These are 5 gospel songs that #TeamTGzAfrica has carefully selected as songs to consider on your gospel music playlist.

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Music: Never Be Afraid – Jesse Mcjessiey ft Gloreysings


Gospel Music Never Be Afraid By Jesse McJessiey Ft Gloreysings

Jessey Mcjessiey is out with another sound, this time, a reggae song titled ‘Never Be Afraid’ featuring another great singer Gloreysings.

“Never Be Afraid” was inspired and written from Jesse Mcjessiey’s personal experiences. In the song, Jesse Mcjessiey takes us on a journey through his doubts, his questions, his call for directions, asking that his life finds a meaning; these yearnings are what every soul out there longs for.

Sharing with us the inspiration behind the song, Mcjessiey shares,

“Never Be Afraid” is a song of personal experiences into heaven bound paths. We all can relate to this, we all miss heaven, we all want to get to heaven. Guess what, heaven starts inside of us. It’s the inner peace that only God can give. Be encouraged into life changing experiences with never be afraid and worship the Lord our God who layeth the beams of his chambers on waters. Be blessed.

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No matter how bad or how good the year has been so far, you can turn around the story of your year this second half of the year. One of the keys to make your dreams come to pass is prayer.
The revenue God requires from man to do His work on earth is prayer. When you don’t pray the way you should, you hinder God and cannot act. Prayerlessness puts your life in slow motion. It makes your life drag.
The disciples observed Jesus prayer life and realized that the key to His success in life is prayer and so they asked Jesus, “Lord teach us to pray”.
It sounds simple but still there are many people who have numerous lists of unanswered prayer. Why?
To get answers to prayer, you have to know about and engage in all kinds of prayer Ephesians 6:18. There is a type of prayer to pray if you want to change the course of your life.
Among all the types of prayer there is there is prayer of petition and commanding prayer, Children pray prayer of petition but it is sons that pray commanding prayer. Praying like children is a function of the level of knowledge and maturity you have. Until you grow into son-ship, you cannot manifest the dominion mandate 1 Corinthians 13:11
Before Elijah made the declaration he prayed effectual, fervent prayer out of a righteous man’s lips and that is why it was that powerful. 1 Kings 17:1; James 5:16-17
If you want to function in dominion, your prayer pattern must change. Joshua 10:12
If you pray as a child, what you can access in the kingdom of God is limited. Galatians 4:1
What makes you a child as a believer  is your level of knowledge and maturity. A son does not have such limitations.
Anyone that will pray commanding prayer must function from the level of “far above” because that is where we are seated (Ephesians 1:19-20; 2:6). When you speak from that level, it is no more man’s words but the words of God.
How to function in commanding prayer
1. To function in that level of dominion, you must have a revelation of whose heir you are Romans 8:17. As God’s heir you have access to whatever God has access to.
2. Another thing that you need to pray commanding prayer is faith Hebrews 11:2. Faith makes you pray already knowing you have the answer. Faith operates in the realm of now.
Everything that operates in this realm is temporal which means it is subject to change. When you encounter Mountains are made to be moved
We have the same Spirit of faith that created the heavens and the earth 2 Corinthians 4:13-18. When you speak out of this realm of faith, you will see the same results God sees.
Everything that God has ordained for you to accomplish, make sure you accomplish this. No more carry over.
You don’t change things with prayer of petition. You change things with commanding prayer.
Every failure in life begins with prayer failure. Make a commitment to never fail in the place of prayer. Do a good job in the secret place and you will see good results in the public places.
The dominion mandate is powered by faith. And faith is released by the spoken word.
Practical Application
As an heir of God, make a list of what belongs to God that is also yours and lay claim on it.